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Course Guide

Course guide

Course guide

This course guide allows you to conduct an extensive search for the ideal program or university to study abroad in the Netherlands. You can browse subjects like Economics and Management, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Law, Natural Sciences and IT, Philosophy and Religion and Social Sciences. Find out what programs are on offer and what your career options are.

Economics and Management

Study economics and management and learn how decisions about resources impact on many different areas of society and on our own everyday lives. Become a strategist or the business leader of tomorrow.

Economics and Management course guide

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology is an exciting profession that helps to change and improve the world in which we live. We look at Engineers to create visionary and imaginative solutions to the challenges facing us.

Engineering and Technology course guide

Environmental Sciences

The human population has recently reached 7 billion. Our increasing need for food and energy is having its effects on the planet. We need Environmental Scientists who can come up with solutions to problems such as deforestation.

Environmental Sciences course guide

Health and Life Sciences

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. This has led to the development of new areas of specialty and changing standards in existing areas. Health and Life Sciences is one of the best sectors in which to find employment nowadays.

Health and Life Sciences course guide

Humanities and Arts

Gaining an appreciation of Humanities and Arts helps us understand present circumstances. We need people that make sense of historic and contemporary events in society. Authors, painters and art critics are in great demand nowadays.

Humanities and Arts course guide


Law is the foundation of every society. It describes how we organize society and how we maintain order. On an international level, Law describes how we conduct ourselves and how we settle disputes. And when we are in trouble we need a good lawyer.

Law course guide
  • All Bachelor Law programs
  • All Master Law programs
  • All Short courses in Law
  • All PhD Law programs

Natural Sciences and IT

In recent history, natural scientists sought to explain natural phenomena. Traditional fields of study included: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. In the digital age their expertise has developed to include improving computer functionality and other forms of Information technology.

Natural Sciences and IT course guide

Philosophy and Religion

The literal translation of "Philosophy" is "the love of wisdom." Wisdom is the knowledge of ultimate causes, explanations and principles. Theologians study different sets of beliefs from peoples who consider God to be the ultimate truth. There is lots to ponder about.

Philosophy and Religion course guide

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Understanding what drives modern society is the central question in Social Sciences. The acquired knowledge helps us to make positive and significant changes to the wider community. Social scientists lead the way in Politics, Psychology, International Relations and Development projects.

Social and Behavioural Sciences course guide


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