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Aeronautical Engineering

Degree type
Bachelor of Engineering
Language of education
48 months
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences

Program description

Have you always been fascinated by aircraft and what makes them fly? Are you curious and technically minded? And do you often think 'outside the box'? If you are a real high-flyer, the Aeronautical Engineering program will suit you perfectly.

You will graduate from the Aeronautical Engineering bachelor's degree program as a Bachelor of Engineering in the broad field of the aircraft and space industry. The focus of this four-year program will be on designing and constructing aircraft and aircraft components. You will learn about engineering in general and you will gain practical experience during your work placements. The Aeronautical Engineering department of Inholland University of Applied Sciences Delft works closely with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). You will be able to make full use of the facilities available at TU Delft, such as the wind tunnel. You will also have access to the university library. What is more, TU Delft has a huge collection of aircraft components as well as fully-assembled aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering Program Content

There are two components to the bachelor's degree program in Aeronautical Engineering at Inholland University of Applied Sciences Delft: the major and the graduation specialisations. The major is the core of the program and will account for half of your studies. This is where you will acquire your general professional knowledge and skills. The graduation specialisations will allow you to tailor the final two years of your program to your personal interests and ambitions. These final two years will be taught entirely in English to prepare you for this professional field.

Within the Aeronautical Engineering program, you can fill some of your study time according to your own wishes by choosing your study components yourself. You can opt for differentiation minors not only in Delft, but also at other establishments belonging to Inholland University of Applied Sciences. This gives you a wide range of differentiation minors to choose from. You can also pursue certain study components abroad.

Work placement
An important component of the Aeronautical Engineering program is the work placement. You will do a total of three work placements. You will embark on your first placement, the shop-floor work placement, in the second year. You will spend ten weeks gaining practical experience at a company. This might involve welding, turning, and assembly work, for example. All this will give you an insight into the world outside your own program. In the third year, you will do the vocational preparatory work placement. You will spend at least twenty weeks at a company in the Netherlands or abroad. You will acquire new experiences and will perform one or more assignments. You can do the work placement at an engineering or testing department, for example at Stork, Fokker, TNO, Nayak, KLM, Martinair or Transavia.

Aeronautical Engineering the Program for You?

Have you always wanted to know how aircraft fly? Do you want to know what the best materials are for the wing and what the best shape is in relation to its function? Are you curious about how to calculate all this? Do you feel challenged when asked to come up with creative technical solutions for contradictory requirements? Then there is probably an aeronautical engineer inside you waiting to come out. You are proactive and ambitious, you dare to dream and have the guts to realize it. You are creative and have a critical mindset. Then Aeronautical Engineering is the program for you! Get more information about the Aeronautical Engineering program by selecting the MORE INFORMATION button.

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Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Aeronautical Engineering bachelor program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top professional Bachelor of Engineering degree from Inholland University of Applied Sciences

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Admission requirements

Language requirements

IELTS overall: 6.0

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