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Animal Health and Welfare

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10 months
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University of Applied Sciences

Program description

CAH Dronten University of Applied Sciences (CAH DUAS) offers a degree programme for students in the livestock sector for a successful career in one of the following professional profiles: Researcher/epidemiologist; Policy advisor/lobbyist; Sales manager/account manager; External relation officer; Consultant health care campaigns

Consumers demand quality foods of animal origin that are produced by healthy animals kept under conditions that guarantee animal welfare. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of animal health and animal welfare for producing economically.

Animal health and welfare has been given a high priority both at the EU policy level and at National levels within the countries of the EU. Graduates of this programme will have first-hand knowledge of practice in one of the most successful EU countries in animal production taking into professional consideration the animal welfare and animal health.

A study in professional competencies for those positions in industry, NGO's, government and other national and international institutions where animal health and / or animal welfare is an important topic. The professional tasks given to professionals in these positions are the backbone of your study.

After successfully completing this one year programme you will receive the Ingenieur Degree (Bachelor Honours) in Animal Husbandry. 

Orientation and Planning (Period 1) • Settling in a new job • Research animal health and welfare • Consultancy and advise in the field of health and welfare Policy and Management (Period 2), • Managing external relations • Sales and account manager • Policy formulation for the livestock sector

Professionals in Animal Health and Wellfare will be able to advise producers how to maintain and enhance the health of an animal in order to avoid problems or worse disease outbreaks.

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Share your thoughts on
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