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Business Administration in Hotel Management

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Program description

Are you professional, ambitious and do you want to work in an international business environment? Then join us at Hotelschool The Hague for our Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management (BBA.HM).

A business study set in the context of hospitality, you learn all there is to know about hospitality from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective. This knowledge and experience is valuable for those of you seeking careers in hospitality, but also for those with interests in other industries where hospitality makes a difference such as Retail, Financial Services and Event Management. Our graduates can be found all over the world, working as Hospitality Leaders, Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Management Specialists in a variety of industries..

Business Administration in Hotel Management Program Content

The total programme has a duration of four years and is worth 240 European Credits (ECs). Each year is divided into 4 blocks of 10 weeks. It is a full-time programme, which means that you have a study load of 40 hours per week. This involves preparing and following classes, self-study and group work. The programme has a well-balanced structure containing different phases and learning pathways, ensuring variation in the programme and a broad approach to learning. Each block students are assessed on their knowledge, application of knowledge, behavioural skills, professional development and attitude. You can start the programme in August or in February. In the table you can find an example of how your programme could look like. Course descriptions can be found on www.hotelschool.nl.

Business Administration in Hotel Management Program Structure

The programme is divided into three phases. Phase I (one year) is all about hospitality performance; you learn to do the existing well. Phase II (one and a half year) emphasises the tactical application of this knowledge; you improve on the existing. In the final phase, Phase III (one and a half year), you apply your learning and experience strategically; you add value to the existing, searching for new innovative combinations and entrepreneurial solutions.

Business Administration in Hotel Management Career Prospects

You represent our quality, and this is our commitment to you and the hospitality industry: to keep preparing the best students to be the next generation of Hospitality Leaders, Hospitality Enthusiasts, Management Specialists, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. Graduating with our Bachelor’s degree opens doors to a wide range of opportunities, making Hotelschool The Hague your ‘Passport to Industry’. On graduation, you offer potential employers a unique skill set based on a blend of theory, experience and personality that helps you operate strategically and pragmatically. You are an asset to any organisation. Many Hotelschool The Hague graduates start up their own businesses, others enhance hospitality organisations, or embed the principles of hospitality in other industries to strengthen customer-centricity and service ethos.

Business Administration in Hotel Management Student Reviews

Read what Business Administration in Hotel Management students at Hotelschool The Hague have to say about the program. Ricco de Blank finished the Hotel Management program some years ago. At this point Ricco is CEO of Sun Hai Kai Properties, the leading real estate developer in Hong Kong.   

Read what students have to say about the Business Administration in Hotel Management  program.

Business Administration in Hotel Management Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Business Administration in Hotel Management Bachelor program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top professional Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Hotelschool The Hague.

See which scholarships you can apply for if you want to do the Business Administration in Hotel Management program.

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