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Civil Engineering

Degree type
Bachelor of Built Environment
Language of education
48 months
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences

Program description

Are you challenged to help building our infrastructure and a healthy environment? Designing or implementing? In or out of doors? By computer, measuring equipment, machines? Large or small-scale? Dry or wet? Soil work or steel and concrete constructions? Then, civil engineering is what you are looking for!

In Civil Engineering you are always working on progress. Optimizing our infrastructure is and will remain necessary to transport ourselves over land and across water. With our bridges and tunnels and with our huge constructions such as the Deltaworks, Holland has worldwide acquired an excellent report in civil engineering.

The Civil Engineering Program
Students learn how to design the dikes and dunes that will protect us against rising sea levels. They get subjects such as construction designing to get an insight in the stability of constructions above and underground. Furthermore, they follow courses such as water management and constructing in and with soil. In the second year they follow courses in subjects such as water management, urban road design and they deepen their knowledge of construction designing. They also carry out their orienting work placement at a building site. In the third year they will extensively study the theme of water by means of the courses Canals and Ports and Coastal and Bank Protection. In the final year students may choose a number of optional courses in one of the fields of study: construction, water or underground building. Finally, they round off their studies with a five-month graduation project.

It is the aime of the Civil Engineering programme to prepare students for their professional life. HZ focuses on practical work, projects and studies in accordance with concrete topics and themes. In addition to acquiring compulsory knowledge and skills, students will be working on personal qualities that they will need in their future work.

Civil Engineering at HZ specializes in Coastal Engineering. Hydraulic engineering, roads, pipelines, bridges, dams, storm sewers, levees and canals, students learn how to design these constructions to protect the population against rising sea levels.

Career Prospects
Enter this world and get ready for a terrific job as a designer, site engineer, constructor, planning engineer, work place manager, project manager or calculator. Then, as quick as water you’ll grow to being an advisor, project manager, company manager or commercial-technical manager!

Admission requirements

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