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International Marketing Management

Degree type
Bachelor of Commerce
Language of education
Dutch, English
48 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Start of program
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Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences

Program description

International Marketing Management trains you to be an international marketing expert. You learn about how a successful local product could be sold abroad, what markets the organization should focus on and more.

International Marketing Management teaches you the ins and outs of doing international business in Europe, America or Asia. You carry out research to find out whether a product could be a success abroad. You study foreign markets, cultural differences and the competition. You develop market strategies, conduct negotiations, know the legal pitfalls and are well-versed in financial matters. Marketeers are creative, analytical and curious about the world around them. You are trained to work in a commercial environment where you are expected to come up with creative marketing solutions.

7 Reasons to study International Marketing Management

  1. First of all, our nice and safe city of Utrecht, well known for its multiple places to go out. Get your bicycle and you will get everywhere you want.
  2. International Marketing Management is the only full English international marketing program taught in the Netherlands. We constantly work on building the right environment for learning, research and practice.
  3. Being a country dependent on trade, we stimulate our students to be creative, open-minded to new ideas, people and concepts and think out of the box.
  4. During your International Marketing Management study you will work with lecturers who have earned their spurs in international business. They are encouraged to take part in research projects at our university as well as to work permanently on their personal development.
  5. In our courses theory and practice are put together in real life assignments. If possible you work together with other students for Small and Medium Enterprises, solving issues they cope with in daily life, for example finding ways of entering new markets. We challenge you to form independent thoughts about what you learn and how to apply newly gained knowledge to different situations.
  6. We establish partnerships in and outside Europe with internationally operating companies and universities to exchange knowledge, staff and students. This allows us to provide you with a thorough international study environment.
  7. We care about our students and therefore put a lot of effort in study career coaching to make sure the study career runs effectively and students feel at ease, even when they may be far from home.

International Marketing Management Program Content

International Marketing Management Year 1
In the first year of the International Marketing Management program you will learn the fundamentals of Economics for the programme you have chosen. For all first-year students at the Faculty of Economics & Management, eight of the subjects (40 study credits) are the same. The advantage of this is that it is easy to switch to a different (English or Dutch) program within the faculty during the first six months. Besides, you will get four subjects (20 study credits) specifically for your own programme. From the second year onwards, the programme involves further in-depth study and specialization.

For each subject, you will be awarded five study credits as soon as you have met the subject requirements. These requirements generally include the following: active participation in lessons, writing assignments or reports and passing tests and assessments. The programme is made up of knowledge subjects (such as Business Economics, Business Administration and Marketing), skills subjects (such as communicative and research skills) and projects, which combine knowledge and skills in an extensive practical assignment. The knowledge subjects focus on practical application. They never involve the acquisition of theoretical knowledge purely for its own sake, but always also cover the way in which it is applied in practice.

International Marketing Management Year 2
In the second year of the International Marketing Management you will attend a demanding program. You will learn about: applied marketing management, sales, market research, personal business skills, export management, and you will study an extra foreign language. You will work together with your team on solving real-life incidents that companies face. You learn which management styles you can choose from, and how to work together in a team. And, of course, you will continue to work on improving your English proficiency. You’ll also do an internship at an international oriented organisation in or outside the Netherlands.

International Marketing Management Year 3
In the third year you go abroad to study at one of our partner universities for one semester. The second semester you will deal with subjects like product innovation plan, branding,, international law, market entry strategy and logistics. We work closely together with our university partner in Turkey on Dutch Turkish business relations.

International Marketing Management Year 4
In the fourth year you can choose a minor at the HU, for example International Business Skills, International Advertising, Leadership orDoing business in China. It is also possible to study abroad for half a year. In the final semester you will do an internship in an internationally operating business, which will be rounded off with your thesis.

International Marketing Management Career Prospects

Graduates of the International Marketing Management program are eligible for a variety of jobs such as: market researcher, account manager, sales manager or export manager. 

You are well-prepared for working in an international environment in the Netherlands or abroad. As a marketer you are widely employable. You can work in  different sectors of business and industry. Every company has indeed a product to sell and every company must market that product to the best of his ability. A marketer with knowledge of target groups and knows how to select the right market will find his/her way very easily to an employer.

International Marketing Management Related Programs

Besides the International Marketing Management Bachelor program, HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht offers a range of other Management related programs such as International Business and Management Studies.

See which programs are related to the International Marketing Management bachelor program.

International Marketing Management Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the International Marketing Management Bachelor program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top professional Bachelor of Commerce degree from HU University.

See which scholarships you can apply for if you want to do the International Marketing Management program.

About HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) is one of the largest further education colleges in the Netherlands and is funded by the state. It has over 38,000 students with more than one hundred different nationalities. And yet, our students still experience our educational environment as small-scale and personal. This is thanks to the numerous locations where the courses are housed according to discipline and the high quality of our teaching staff, who place great emphasis on personal supervision. 

One of the missions of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences is to contribute to a sustainable knowledge society with people as the starting point; a place where students and staff have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and feel at home.

HU is a place to make contacts which you will treasure for the rest of your life. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht: a great start for an international adventure.

More information about HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

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Admission requirements

Previous education

(Senior) secondary school diploma with higher education entrance qualification. Diploma examples: An International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate Diploma; Australia: a pass in the Australian Matriculation Examination; China: senior middle school diploma; France: Baccalaureat; Germany: Abitur (allgemeine Hochschulreife) or Fachhochschulreife; Italy: Diploma di Maturita; Switzerland: Maturitatszeugnis; The Netherlands: HAVO or VWO or MBO level 4; UK: A or AS levels, or a combination of 4 (I)GCSE's with A, B or C grade AND two A/ AS levels; United States: Highschool diploma with college preparatory programme; General: a Matriculation Certificate

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