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Executive Master Of Actuarial Science

Degree type
Language of education
English (100%)
24 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Type of institution
Institute for International Education
Utrecht, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Eindhoven

Program description

There is a growing need for those skilled in the complexities of actuarial science – professionals who can accurately assess and skillfully manage risk in today's unpredictable global environment.

Collaborate with the Best: TiasNimbas and the Dutch Actuarial Institute (AI) The Executive Master of Actuarial Science (EMAS) is a winning collaboration between two great Dutch institutions: top-ranked TiasNimbas Business School, and the Dutch Actuarial Institute (AI) with its close ties to the Dutch and international actuarial communities. Together they deliver an excellent MSc-accredited programme with unparalleled career impact. A Prestigious International Master Plus a Practical AAG Certification.

Course Content 
Teaching mixes concentrated lectures with case-based learning and the incorporation of professional experiences.

  • Statistical Methods
  • Valuation and Hedging
  • Life and Pensions
  • Risk and Regulation
  • Risk Perception and Product Development
  • Process Management and Communication
  • Care Insurance
  • Valuation of Disability Insurance
  • Overcharging
  • Universal Life
  • From Traditional to Market Consistent Valuation
  • Recovery Plan
  • Life Style Insurance
  • Risk Management in Casualty-Liability Insurance
  • Thesis (12 ECTS, English)
  • Mentor System

About TiasNimbas Business School

TiasNimbas, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, offers a broad and flexible portfolio of internationally recognised management programmes. The motto of TiasNimbas is ‘Never Stop Asking’, and this is reflected in programmes that are rooted in leading management research, and designed to address the specific educational needs of individuals and organisations in the evolving world of business. 

TiasNimbas Wants to Give You the World.
This orientation towards excellence resulted in the Financial Times ranks TiasNimbas Business School 24 in Europe, while The Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Which MBA?’ has placed the Full-Time MBA programme in its worldwide top 100 rankings

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Share your thoughts on
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Join the study in the Netherlands facebook community!

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