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Dansacademie Lucia Marthas

Dansacademie Lucia Marthas


Dansacademie Lucia Marthas


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University of Applied Sciences
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Netherlands Government
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University description

Dance Academy Lucia Marthas is a University of Applied Sciences that offers fully accredited professional degrees in Dance and Dance Education. The academy's student population consists of young people from a great variety of different cultures and backgrounds. Dance Academy Lucia Marthas aims to foster national and international dance talent.

Dance Academy Lucia Marthas was founded in 1983 by Lucia Marthas. At first the school was called Amsterdam Ballet Academy. That name later changed to Lucia Marthas. What started as a small ballet school in Amsterdam, is now an academy with accredited professional degrees. At present, over 750 students attend the Academy.

Dance Academy Lucia Marthas aims to prepare students for a successful professional career, either as a Dancer or as a Dance Instructor. Courses therefore have a strong practical focus. The Academy also maintains close ties with various major producers in the Netherlands and abroad. Students of the Dance Academy Lucia Marthas will do internships with various television, theatre and event production companies, and participate in educational projects and academy presentations. This way, students become familiar with the profession and create a professional network of their own.

And this approach has proved to be very successful. Nearly all Lucia Marthas students are now involved in the show and musical industry in the Netherlands and abroad. Graduates of the Dance Academy can be seen in famous musical productions such as ‘Tarzan’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, ‘Joseph’, ‘Evita’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and in various musical, theatre and television shows.


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