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Duisenberg School of Finance

Duisenberg School of Finance


Duisenberg School of Finance


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University of Applied Sciences
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Netherlands Government
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At Duisenberg school of finance, we are committed to providing excellent financial education in order to create the next generation of responsible financial leaders. To achieve this, leading industry practitioners and world-class academics joined to develop a set of forward-looking financial programmes. These programmes integrate theory and practice, as valued by Wim Duisenberg, and encourage critical thinking and continuous reflection on the dynamic financial landscape.

The financial crisis has had a visibly large impact on the financial sector and challenges us to question and explore some of the traditional foundations of finance. The Duisenberg school of finance programmes explore lessons learned by recognising how the financial crisis has revealed limits in traditional valuation and risk controls, as well as how financial behaviour is affected by cognitive biases, opportunistic incentives and regulatory arbitrage. Duisenberg school of finance will instil students with a more comprehensive and rigorous understanding of finance than in traditional Master’s courses.

Our faculty is comprised of distinguished international top researchers with specialisations in areas, such as financial markets, risk management, asset pricing, entrepreneurial finance, financial regulation and corporate governance. Duisenberg school of finance’s impressive faculty will produce financial leaders who fully grasp the fundamentals of finance, but moreover, who possess candour and an analytical, yet innovative approach to finance. With such preparation, Duisenberg school of finance graduates to be confident in finding attractive employment opportunities.

Given its prevailing intellectual and cultural curiosity, the Netherlands, and especially the city of Amsterdam, have become more than a centre for international business. It is also a natural hub for vibrant international intellectual exchange, providing an ideal environment for study at Duisenberg school of finance. Amsterdam’s international orientation is a key feature of Duisenberg school of finance. Students will significantly benefit from the diverse perspectives of faculty and peers alike.

You are invited you to explore why industry turns to Duisenberg school of finance to develop tomorrow’s finest leaders in finance.


Finance and Law Dept. Risk Management Dept. Sustainability and Finance Dept. Corporate Governance Dept.


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