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Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Maastricht

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Maastricht


Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Maastricht


University type
University of Applied Sciences
Degrees offered
Bachelor, Master
Accredited by
Netherlands Government
QS Ranking
Not ranked
TH Ranking
Not ranked
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University description

Zuyd University in Maastricht offers fully accredited, professional education in the field of Economics, Languages and Communication, Behavior and Society, Health Care, Fine Arts, Music and Drama, Education, Technology and Engineering. The school is strategically located and has strong ties with a number of universities in the region. Zuyd university's programs are also offered at locations in Heerlen and Sittard.

Business Oriented
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has strong ties with the business sector. Over the years it has engaged in strategic alliances with business in Belgium and Germany. It has developed Centers of Expertise, which provide a place for Zuyd University and businesses and organizations to meet. It has realized the following six Centers of Expertise: Creative City, Built Environment, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Quality of Life, Technology & Design.

Strategically located
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences’ strategic location in Europe (on the border with Belgium and Germany) offers unique opportunities for students and businesses. Big cities like Aachen, Cologne, Brussels and Antwerp can all be reached within an hour. This facilitates getting an international internship at one of the numerous international businesses or doing an exchange program at one of its partner universities in the region.


Behaviourξand Society , Economics/Languages and Communication, Education, Fine Arts, Health Care, Technology and Engineering


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